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Sonakshi Sharma

The current affairs daily updates of smart abhyas is very concise and to the point . Its civils comprehensive compilation as well as mains companion section provides fodder points on the selected issues and  has helped me in framing quick answers for  questions. The point blank section

Sai Krishna

Loved it alot very useful one, I thank to the Pioneer and most time saving also money saving too..!

Deepak Kumar

First time in my life I m giving review because it worth. Thank you abhyas team

Indu b Kurup

 Hello... Where was this app before... I never found this app ever during my search for best upsc apps... This app is a very potential initiative.

Abhinav Ananad

Finally my quest for a reliable source for current affairs stops at this app. I think it is the best app for current affairs. And now I am only relying on this app for CA. I hope it will sail me through prelims 2018.

Atul Pawar

Well done team... it is very useful for candidate like working professionals to invest their time in important issues. thank you looking forward with you for 2018

Why to choose us

Smart abhyas daily current affairs
  • Day to day holistic coverage of all relevant current events to UPSC.

  • Presentation of current events in simple, crisp and digestible format.

  • Segregation of content as per syllabus into ‘Civils Comprehensive’ and ‘Main’s Companion’ section for easy analysis and revision.

  • First time implementation of flashcard concept for easy learning and revision.
Monthly compilation of current affairs
  • Segregation of current events of the entire month into sections such as Polity and Social Issues, Geography, ecology and biodiversity, Economy, International Relations, Science and Technology, Government Schemes/Initiatives and Defence and Internal Security.

  • Systematic segregation as per UPSC syllabus copy.