About Us

What does Smart Abhyas provide ?

Smart Abhyas is focussed on providing users with quality content while filtering other news which are not relevant to Civil Services Examination.
Right now we are limiting ourselves to current affairs but you can expect a big surprise from us in early 2018.

How do we study using Smart Abhyas app ?

Smart Abhyas app has been incorporated with two modes to help you prepare better for Civil Services Examination.

  • Learn mode : This is where users can just glance through the content and have an overview of the day's happenings.
  • Study mode : Study mode enables the users to revise the content thoroughly through an in-app 'confidence rating' system. This exclusive study mode will help users reach a level of confidence which cannot be achieved by just going through PDF files or normal web browsing.
How is the content in the app categorised ?

Content in the app will be available to users in the form of cards. These cards will be arranged in decks under relevant subjects.

Can I get to know my progress through the app ?

Yes. When the user clicks on each deck, there is a progress bar which shows the user how much progress he has made with respect to that particular deck.

How does the 'Confidence Rating System' work in the 'Study mode' ?

In this system the user is allowed to rate a card in the form of smileys. The smileys carry a rating of 1-5 (confidence in ascending order) . When a user rates a card 1(sad smiley), it appears more often. However, when a user rates a card 5 (happy smiley) it appears rarely. This rating system allows users to learn content using a scientifically proven 'Spaced Repetition' technique allowing the user to achieve perfection in learning the particular topic.

How is Smart Abhyas different from other sources of information for Civil Services Exam ?

At Smart Abhyas we strive to provide content which is only relevant to Civil Services Examination.

Civil Services Exam has off late become very unpredictable and a large part of the CSE PRELIMINARY EXAM is revolving around ‘current affairs’.

Keeping the recent pattern of the CSE in mind, our aim is to provide quality and relevant content while filtering unwanted or less important data.

Rest assured, we will be providing all the important issues relevant to CSE in one form or the other.