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Smart Abhyas - An application to enable the Civil Service aspirants to experience the most relevant and tailored content making way for a hassle free preparation process.

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Smart Abhyas provides useful content and features to deal with hiccups an aspirant faces during his preparation.

1.Burdened with information overload?

We are here to help you out. Our App content stays relevant to changing demands of Civil Services Exam helping keep your preparation on track.

2.Wonder what to read in the Newspaper?

Smart Abhyas populates priority based news content and aims at minimising your time invested in the search for information. We do it all for you and present it in a very simple and digestible manner.

3.Are you a working professional? Worried about time management?

Our in-app learning system enables you to learn on the go. No need of going through endless pdf files.

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Frequently asked questions

1.What is Smart Abhyas all about?

This App provides quality content exactly on the lines of Civil Services Examination. At present we are focussed on delivering tailored daily Current Affairs. Note : Dear user we have a surprise coming very soon! Stay tuned.

2. How to study using this app?

Smart Abhyas app has been incorporated with two modes to help you prepare better for Civil Services Examination.

Learn mode : Here you have brief information clearly explaining a topic/concept /issue.

Study mode : This mode helps the user revise content previously read by him/her in learn mode with a special in-app feature – “Smiley Rating System”. Study mode drives user confidence to next level which can’t be replicated or experienced by going through PDF files or web pages.

3. In which format is the content in app organised ?

App content is presented in the form of flash cards. These cards are arranged in decks under relevant subjects.

4. How can one get to know his content completion progress through this app?

When the user clicks on a deck of his interest there appears a progress bar (rating from 0 to 100%) indicating the progress made by the user in that very deck.

5. What is the ‘Smiley Rating System’? How does it work in the study mode?

Smiley Rating System is an algorithm designed based on scientifically proven “Spaced Repetition Technique”. This system has 5 smileys with each smiley having a specific rating (1 to 5).

When user rates a card 5 (Happy Smiley) it means he is confident with the information in the card. So the card doesn’t repeat often.

Contrary to above when a user rates a card 1 (Very Sad Smiley) it means he has no idea about the information in the card and hence this card repeats more often.

The scientifically backed ‘spaced repetition’ technique employed here enables the user to revise or learn the content that he/she has little or no idea of by presenting flashcards which have been given a low rating(1-2) more often and cards which have been given a high rating(4-5) less often.

Basically, helps the user in achieving perfection all round.

6. How is Smart Abhyas different from other apps?

Let’s get right to the point. Our work here is to stay CSE relevant by providing useful data and filtering unwanted information. Smart Abhyas has specific features incorporated to ease your preparation process. Download the app and experience the difference.

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